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    July 10, 2013
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what do you do? then what do you do? >> caution. >> keep demanding it because we're here to help you, money-wise. you figure the rest out. see you tonight. hello everyone. i was reading something. it's 5:00 in the new york city and this is the five. >> well, two years ago tomorrow "the five" launched over 500 plus shows and we've only had a hand full of guests, barbara bush, sarah palin, donald trump, it's my pleasure to welcome the king of talk radio, it's limbaugh. welcome. before we get into the important news of the day, they spun a headline to make it look like you had an issue with fox news.
rush limbaugh tells people not to watch fox news. can you tell us what they were up to. >> i am the news of the day. i'm happy. i'm thrilled to be here. i love your guys show. whenever i watch tv in the afternoon, this is it. you know, i had a caller who was just almost just shy of profane. he was angry, spitting, mad, and he finally started telling me why he was upset. started listing names of people and it turned out the fox business network and a bunch of the names i didn't know who they were which is why i was having trouble. and he was just kind of off the wall and i said, sir, just stop listening to those people. stopwatching those people. and i kept saying those people. i never said don't watch fox. now, i have said, over the course of my career, don't watch abc, don't watch nbc and it's never made the news. this i never said don't watch
fox. but the media, you know, it was only -- i guess they consider me in talk radio and you guys the last vestage of any opposition to agenda of the country, obama and the democratic party so they love to drive a wedge and they were trying to. it's amazing how it took off. it made websites all over the country. so eager are they for you and i to just flitter away and become ineffective but it ain't going to work. >> can i point out that was me that called in. i was drinking. >> oh, it was. >> i was drunk. >> well, you didn't identify yourself. i would have handled it entirely differently. i would have told you to stopwatching. >> before we get to the news, dana has an important question for you. >> very important question but as you know, the best way to make front page news is to attack a republican back and forth. so i'm not surprised that they did this to you and i think that we all saw it for what it
actually was. i wanted to ask you because you are obviously very successful in the media, we're having our two year anniversary tomorrow. you say you watch every day and i was curious because we have been asked what makes our show so successful. i wonder why you think it's successful. >> it's real. there's nothing contrived about it. and you all seem to enjoy what you're doing. and i -- it's got passion. i think passion is the magnet to anything. particularly talk. if people are speaking about something passionately and if they have a level of intelligence about it and if they're sufficiently informed it's going to be like a magnet to people. you all seem to like each other and even during times where there might be striking disagreement, it doesn't seem filled with stress or friction. and it's unpredictable. you guys might identify what you're going to talk about but nobody knows where it's going to go and nobody knows who is going to say what when.
so it's something you can't predict. it's -- i think it's got all the elements. but you guys make the show because it's a personality driven and it's just real. it just happens and it's relevant. it's topical. and all of you are relatively intelligent. >> and again, rush, we want to get to the news of the day. andrea wants to ask an important question also. >> maybe people are a little confused because sometimes it does seem like you might be shooting at folks on fox. can you clear something up for me finally please, right here, right now, why do you call me angela terancula. >> bob says i have two great legs. not eight great legs. i thought i'd ask you. >> you're not going to like the answer. it's a sexist answer. >> okay. i'd like to hear it. >> i come from a long ago era where men could be men and
stereotypical humor didn't offend anybody. it is what, the spider, is a widow. what do black widows do to men? you are so dominant and certain and confident i wouldn't want to mess with you. >> all right. >> on that note. >> so it's a compliment. >> you are the news of the day. but let's get to some of the news of the day. hang in there, bob, go ahead. bob wants to go. i'll back off. >> i wanted to see if you remember something. you came to do our show way back when called "off the record" and we went out to eat and you said if they elect bill clinton president i'll be the biggest talk show host in history. do you remember that? >> yeah. >> you turned out to do it. >> was that the tv show down in washington. >> yeah it was. >> that's where i met jane mayor. >> that's right. >> and i remember that day well. it was a late friday afternoon and i flew down and it was i
don't know, you were early -- the group back in that days is what everybody was feeding off of and that was your effort to get in that game and i liked it. and the one thing about clinton, it is said that clinton helped me to -- actually made me -- but i was already at 500 radio stations before clinton was elected. i had been on the air four years and when clinton, i added another 112 to finish it up but really my success had nothing to do with clinton per se. he didn't harm it but i didn't need him to prosper. >> dominating cable news. trayvon martin george zimmerman tria place. rush, talk to us a little bit about -- this is george zimmerman on trial or is it race in america on trial? and specifically, talk to us about the media's role in all of
this. >> i think the media, you all excluded of course, i think the media is invested in a guilty verdict and they're invested in a guilty verdict that's racial. and new york times called this guy a white/hispanic and cnn has picked up on that calling him a white-hispanic. what is that? that's a desire to categorize this as entirely racial when it probably had nothing to do with race, the actual event and when it happened but everybody wants to make it that because there are just -- i think race, as i have gotten to know liberals over the course of my career here, something about race and the civil rights movement is it's almost a right of passage to be a liberal in the media. you have to have that perspective that this country is racist and has not recovered from slavery and it still mistreats everybody of minority skin color. you're invested in that. this country is immorale and
unjust on that basis and every tubt to prove it you're going to take it even if you have to make it up. this is like the duke lacrosse case. there was no evidence what so ever to support any of the contentions the media made or the faculty at duke. this is the same thing. i had a story today, judicial watch, got ahold of documents from justice. the freedom of information, and there's a community relations service, part of doj, which, by it's name, is supposed to go down and help facilitate community peace, coming together and so forth. these people, from the doj, were down sponsoring rallies prior to this trial. sponsoring people getting together a bust protestors in sanford, florida. the doj was invested in this being seen as racism and unfairness and unjustness against this kid trayvon martin and they can't let go of it and that's why there's wall to wall
coverage. this trial, i don't even think should be taking place. i don't even think there's a case here. >> rush, do you think this wouldn't be a national story if the president wouldn't have weighed in and if eric holder wouldn't have made such a big deal out of it and actually spoke about this case? >> well, clearly that helped it. but i think the media would have made this whether obama said anything or holder had not brought al sharpton down there and called him reverend al and agreed with him. i think the media is perfectly capable of making this a nationwide issue and covering it within the frame work they hope everybody sees it and obama was icing on the cake and eric holder, ditto. >> let's move to the other story making the rounds now. immigration, some are calling it amnesty. where do you come down on this one, rush? >> well, everybody says the
immigration system is broken. and the only thing that i can see that is broken about the immigration system is that we're not enforcing existing law. i don't know what couldn't be fixed approximate we just did that. i don't think we need a whole new set of laws. what we're being told today is exactly what the country was told in 1986. if we legalize these 3 million we grant them amnesty we'll never have to do this again and there's been all kinds of promises about border security first. that was taken back. there's no effort to secure the border. therefore there's no effort to stop the inflow. i'll tell you what i really think and i really believe this. i really believe the democrat party -- and both parties are at fault here -- so don't jump on me yet. the democrat party needs a permanent underclass. they need a permanent dependent class of people low educated low
wage, low skill dependent on government. they need that. now as americans climb the ladder of success and elevate themselves through the middle class and are less dependent on government, the democrat versus to replace them. they clearly see 11 million votes here. the republican party, two things going on. they're scared to death. they believe -- don't you guys find it funny that democrats keep telling republicans unless you help us with this you're never going to win the white house as though they care. the republicans are paranoid. they're scared to death believing a myth that unless they do this the hispanics are never going to support them. the turn out was 7.8%. romney got 27%. if romney had gotten 70% of the hispanic vote in 2012 he still would have lost. this is a myth. i think the republicans have business people who want cheap labor and so forth. but i had a guy call me the other day and made a great point
he said rush, you're missing this. there's so many people in america not working and still eating and still driving and still watching tv and still calling on their phones, they don't need a job. and the american business community needs workers and that's why the republican party is for this. businesses can't find qualified or anybody to work as americans want anymore. that's how royal this has gotten. >> rush, the idea that somehow it's being floated that if the republicans embrace this bill, democrats will no longer call them racist, and i firmly believe that telling a democrat not to cry ray schism is like telling lynard skinard not to play free bird, am i right? >> they said if we elected obama the country wouldn't be racist because we would prove we weren't because we would have elected the first black president and we would be unified and happy and none of
that has happened. i think, the republicans get tricked by really skillful democrat consul tantants and me people. let's take the way republicans are intimidated by the media when it comes to independence. republicans are told don't criticize obama, don't be partisan. that just makes the independents mad and they'll run right to the democrats the minute you show any partisanship. they want bipartisanship. so the republicans don't criticize obama. they play nice. it never works and the independents, the democrat party is as mean spirited and extreme as anybody i've ever seen. >> what are you talking about? it's the republicans they're the people -- these tea party people in the house are holding the stuff up and by the way, the 14 illegal immigrants can't get to be a voter for 14 to 20 years. we're not going to expect that 11 or so million new voters.
it's the republicans causing the problem here. it's not the democrats. >> just the other day the president of the united states said i don't like the individual employer mandate so i'm just going to cancel it. well, bob, i will guarantee you, if this bill passes as the gang of eight bill exists today and there's this 12 to 14 year waiting period to vote, within six hours of the bill's passage, chuck will find the nearest camera and talk about how unfair it is that we have granted these people a path way out of the shadows but that they can't vote and the next day they'll be able to vote. you watch. that's the whole reason for doing this. that's the only reason anybody cares about this. there's 11 million voters to be bought. >> you're not going to deny the demographic increases of hispanics by the year 2030 they're going to be so dominant it's going to effect the republican party.
>> they can get anybody by being conservative. if they say we are friendly to here we don't dislike you here they'll forever lose because that's the democrats game and the republicans can't win being democrat liked. the republicans are abandoning what they need to do to win. we got the greatest opportunity, bob, the republicans do, to contrast themselves with what the democrat party stands for and they're not using it. they're trying to be democrat party light. they're trying to echo the democrat party, be perceived by them and liked by democrat voters. it's a losing game. >> rush, i don't want to rush you, so to speak, you mentioned something, the employer mandate and obamacare. dana has a question regarding that. >> yeah. >> do you think that because they did that in, you know, in a slow news weekend they try to get out -- people, there was a poll not too long ago that said 33% of people already think it's been repealed anyway. if you were advising, one of those consultants for the house republicans or the senate
republicans, what do you think they should try to do now? >> well, i don't -- see, this is -- i don't know that i'm qualified -- my business isn't politics. and i have opinions about it but i would -- you're going to laugh at me and throw me off the show. i would advise the republicans just say no. just stop this business. >> that's what they do. they take your advice. >> there's nothing -- well then they need to hold fast to it. all that's broken is we're not enforcing the law already on the books. all we -- you know, bob, if these guys would simply secure the border you would be amazed at the magic that would happen after that but nobody wants to do that. nobody wants to shut down this inflow of illegals. >> rush, there's a group of conservative senators that want to do that. paul and cruz and other ones as well. >> that do want to do that. >> that want to shut the border down first before the other
stuff goes through. >> yeah but they're in the minority. >> before that happens and before they get obamacare. >> but rush, this is dana, what do you say to the fact that deportations are up and the number of people coming into the country is down? >> well, see, that's more evidence i think for my point of view. it's a net wash, isn't it? from what we know? people leaving on their own is washing out by the people coming in. it's a net number now. the economy is down. the attraction to come here is not near -- not quite as great. there's no crisis is the point. there's no reason it has to be done right now under the rubric -- every time we do something that's in the middle of a crisis and has to happen now and can't wait, the republican party gets the shaft. >> rush, on friday, the administration also announced that they would not be requiring people because the individual mandate is still enforceable.
they wouldn't be verifying whether or not they had health insurance. they'll trust what people say. do you think this is an opportunity to push back on the individual mandate now. >> i think repeal the whole thing. >> but they have 37 times in the house. >> but the case can be made to the american people. what obama is doing with this -- i laugh when i hear people, you know, it's all falling apart on obama, rush. no it's not. he's getting everything he wants on what you just mentioned. the honor system, anybody can say i qualify for subsidy. obama wants two things with this that happen on friday you're talking about. if you notice, he's out campaigning for a bill that's already the law of the land. he's getting hollywood, nfl players to get everybody to push this. why? 2010 is one key. the democrats lost down the ballot. it was deep. it was rotten. they lost the house. and it was because a tea party came to life because of
obamacare. second thing is, the more people they can entice to come in and sign up the harder it's going to be to take it away. you get the entitlement. you get the webs and the tentacles deep into the fabric of society and it will never be repealed or taken away. >> you have to go now. one fast question, do you not believe he ought to come back and go to trial but is this not an assault on the 4th amendment by the nsa. didn't they go too far. >> we have 30 seconds. >> didn't the nsa go too far by going into everybody's phone records. >> i'm sorry my hearing. >> they went too far pursuing snowden. >> no, our phone records. by getting verizon to give them the list of phone calls we made. >> that's been going on. i don't know how long they have been collecting that metadata. i'm sorry my hearing prevented
me from fitting your time limit. let me come back on that. >> okay. we'll leave it there. thanks a bunch for joining us today. we really appreciate your time. correctly ahead, george zimmerman's defense team rests the latest developments from the trial today. when we come back. don't go anywhere. [ brent ] now steve's looking pretty good so far.
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well, day 12 in the zimmerman trial and the defense has rested. the prosecution has announced three rebuttal witnesses and then we're on to closing arguments set to begin tomorrow. yesterday we heard explosive testimony from the forensic pathologist about the struggle between trayvon martin and george zimmerman the night of the shooting. today the defense wrapped up their case. the jury heard from a self-defense expert and former neighbor of zimmerman. but, the big question was, will zimmerman himself take the stand? the judge put that question directly to him. >> did you now have sufficient time to discuss with your
attorneys whether or not you wanted to testify in this case. >> yes, y>> i don't need to knos said but after those discussions have you made a decision. >> yes, your honor. >> what was your decision, sir. >> after consulting with counsel, not to testify, your honor. >> no big shock there eric. a lot of experts said why would they put him on the stand? they have a strong case already but the judge was a bit hostile to the defense and many legal experts say why would she speak directly to zimmerman? is she out of line? >> i've never seen that before. i don't know if that's protocol in florida or not but to ask the defendant, usually that's what you have an attorney for. i didn't see the need for all the testimony today. i think they -- the defense did a phenomenal job yesterday as far as i was concerned. they made their case yesterday. today seemed like to drag on a little bit but every expert i speak to or talk to said this is going to be a fast verdict. once they finish the closing argument, the jury is going to get the case and have a verdict
fairly quickly and for me, if that happens it seems like it's probably going to be one of the lesser charges. by the way, we have been talking about second degree murder and manslaughter, but there's substantial less charges that juries can come to much lesser charges too at some point. >> bob, is it a little baffling why the defense put some of these witnesses on the stand? some have been great like the defense expert that testified that zimmerman was not as strong as trayvon. but the neighbor yesterday, there's some that weakened their case. has this strategy made a bit of sense to you. >> first of all, besides the forensic guy, everybody has been his neighbor or cousin or somebody. i don't understand why -- if i were going to put on the defense and say what a nice guy he is i'd want his neighbors and friends too. the fact remains he got in a fight with a teenager. he got a little scratch on the back of his head and broken nose and took out a gun and shot him. when you shoot a kid like that you deserve to get manslaughter.
>> greg, you were particularly captivated. you told me when the life sized foam manican was brought into the courtroom by the prosecution. >> they got this dummy from is msnbc line-up. that's all i got people. i didn't watch. >> dana you were on pins and needles counting the moments until a verdict. >> yes so that i never have to talk about it again. i have been away for a few days. >> really? >> i didn't turn on the tv. except to watch you guys of course. but i didn't -- nobody i talked to -- nobody was watching the trial. but i understand that the ratings are high for lots of different news outlets following this with interest. i have to say, i don't know if there will be a quick verdict. i think that there will be a lot of angst about the decision and a lot of people are going to be disappointed with one of the out
comes. whatever the outcome is. >> we talked about it briefly in the first block but a report came out today that the department of justice, eric, had sent peace keepers down to florida. they also had sent bodies down there to participate in anti-zimmerman rallies. odd that they did something like that. president weighed in on this case and holer. would it be that big of a deal if the doj wasn't participating the way they are. >> i don't know why they did. it just baffles me. >> they did not do that. >> yes they did. >> they sent down protestors from doj. >> they sure did. >> who told you that. >> this is judicial watch, bob. $1,142 for employees for marches, demonstrations and rallies sent by the doj. this is a group passing the civil rights act and if there is a local district having difficulty with a case and possible racial tension this is a group deployed. this was revealed out of a request.
if you look at the money that was spent it's not that much. it adds up to about 3 and a half thousand dollars. >> they should have deployed now. the way i look at it, this is a case about sexism. you have a female judge and six women jury. where's the men? >> they're the lawyers. >> yeah, they're all over the place in the rest of the courtroom. >> still to come on "the five". >> they're wrapping me hard. elizabeth hasselbeck delivers an emotional good-bye on the view today as she prepares for the land of the fair and balanced. she is heading to the fox newschannel. you'll hear her talk about it, up next. ♪
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okay. so i just busted a stolen pen that says cashier on it. if you're missing your pen we have it here. we'll get it back to you safely. all right. we're going to talk about d.c. because as you have guessed unemployment is high. not just in america but especially in the nation's capitol. it's 8.5%. walmart was planning on building six stores in d.c. that would add 2,000 jobs but it's pulling the plug on at least three of them because within the past hour a living wage bill was passed by the d.c. government. this has been tried before in other cities. one of them was chicago, where you're from. mayor daily in 17 years had only done one veto and it was on this same type of thing, a living wage bill. they were not able to override the veto and now walmart has several thriving stores there and loss of jobs. do you think d.c. is shooting
itself in the foot. >> there's no question in my mind d.c. is. walmart will pull the store on 3 stores, 2,000 jobs. to put this in perspective. the minimum wage in d.c. is 8.25. this law they passed for big box retailers, 12.50. that's almost a 50% increase in the minimum wage. more than 50% increase. to understand what walmart is about, thin margins. if you increase 50% on half of their sales, if this were to be company wide, you would wipe out their full profit and you would put 2.2 million people out of work. as it is you only put 2,000 people out of work quickly. don't forget the other jobs to build the super stores. a lot of construction jobs and satellite jobs associated with it. >> the word that you mentioned is profit. you're seeing two forces meeting. one that is driven by profit and another one that doesn't have to. it's driven -- government is driven by force.
they can take your money. walmart has to make the money. it's worse than gangs which is why in washington d.c. there are more gangs than capitalists. >> walmart sends their money to china number one. they order their stuff from china and they send dolls here -- >> let me ask you something, so the grocery stores that are unionized and they're not subject to the same law but they sell the same product, how is that fair? >> what do you mean how is that fair? >> what do you mean how is it fair? walmart pays 8.50 to work in their stores. >> but if you're a union shop in d.c. and sell the same product you're not under the same rules. >> no they get paid $12 or $13 an hour at giant. >> well, i don't know how much they get paid. andrea your thoughts. >> i do think that walmart can hurt small business owners. >> they do hurt small business owners. >> i will say that. i do understand the concern but this bill is a very specific
anti-walmart bill. if you look at the things they mention in here they're targeting walmart. you and i have lived in washington d.c. a lot of the low income neighborhoods people are buying what they need for the day in the grocery stores that are far more expensive for the walmart when you have prevailing wage versus minimum wage like in this case you get no wages because there's no jobs and not cheaper products for the people living in low income neighborhoods. >> youth unemployment in d.c. ais at 34%. the other stat i was interested in from walmart today, 75% of people that start hourly end up in management atwal ma walmart across america. profit per employee. i'll show it to bob in commercial break. his mind is going to be blown. look at that. >> management makes $11 an hour. >> but the government hates walmart. >> for good reason. >> every person that works in walmart is one less person dependent on government. >> coming up, justin bieber
caught smoking pot, crashing cars and now on camera cursing at a former president and relieving himself inside a restaurant and not in the bathroom. the tape for you, when we come back.
tmz got ahold of film of justin bieber relieving himself in a mop bucket as he left a club. behold our beloved heart throb producing something less irritating than his music.
>> we swagger man, you know. >> that's the coolest spot to piss, you forever remember that. >>. [ inaudible ] >> well, that might be his only number one. now i could blame celebrity entitlement and how for every hotel room they crash or every bucket they defile there's some worker supporting a family whose got to clean up that mess. but i'm not here just to blame bieber. he's just a twerp responding to cultural queues. i blame girls. look how he is dressed. a jersey shore souvenir shop that threw up on a shrub. he's a coat closet belonging to an insane tribute band that grew
legs and squatted and gave birth. no man would dress like that if girls didn't approve and that approval relinquishes their control. women make men out of boys. he'll never grow up. he'll spend cash on stupid clothes, drugs and friends and in five years he'll be leaf garrett or dead. it's hard to tell this difference. this is about all men and girls who expect so little from them. no wonder we're a nation of babies exploding at hurts online but you can't bother to wear a belt. women demand men. demand pants that fit, shirts with collars and no more oversized caps. j.b., you're not a hip hop star. wrour just a boy and you'll be one forever even after the girls grow up and grow out of you. >> i love that. >> yeah.
i'm tired of these people. >> women can turn boys to men. >> exactly. it's like the band. >> i was trying. that's my only boy band knowledge. >> it's true, though. isn't it? this is girl's fault because they won't tell boys to act like men. they let them wear the saggy pants. >> it's absolutely true and it only gets worse as they get older. you brought up a point. you said it's a shame for the person that has to clean that bucket. >> exactly. >> the person trying to support their family or the restaurant owner's daughter who probably had to do it, back in the day. you are a total jerk, justin bieber. any girl should not buy his cds for that. what a portrait in courage to p pee in a bucket on his way out that a worker has to clean up. >> what should he doer rick. >> what should he to? he is on a path of destruction. he is going to kill himself. the guy is disgusting. my problem is i have a
14-year-old kid who -- he doesn't look up to justin bieber. let's get this straight. so my son doesn't call and get me into trouble. but kids do. you look up to that crap. i don't know. >> girls are still time, right? a lot of people that like justin bieber. they're young girls. when they get older demand more. >> but you need somebody like beyonce to say that's not attractive to me. >> exactly. >> you need the woman. >> if you look at that tape, the guy is not caring much and that's all i got to say. >> why did he unzip his pants and yell bill clinton. >> i don't know. >> bill clinton is associated with unzipping of pants. >> that guy ain't got two inches. >> we should have gotten out of this segment 30 seconds ago. should have listened to the producer but i didn't. elizabeth hasselbeck is leaving the view and joining the gang of fox and friends. >> today will be her last day
over there at the barbara walters fest. >> can you imagine she will have a chance to be on a show where they actually let her talk. that will be fantastic. >> elizabeth's emotional good-bye next and bob's apology. >> are you crying? >> no, i'm laughing. >> i'm not going to apologize for that.
. fox news is about to add another member to our growing family. elisabeth hasselbeck will join us on fox and friends. real replace gretchen carlson who is getting her own show in the fall. more on that in a moment, but here is her emotional good-bye earlier. >> i'm happy and excited to confirm that indeed i will be joining the fox and friends team in september. the past ten years have been nothing short of extraordinary. and i wholeheartedly wish the next person or co-host that sit here an extraordinary set of years to come of their own. >> you've been a really good friend to me. and i appreciate you. and, you know, may we both continue to grow because that's life, right? that's what life is. >> this has always been
professional and i really have enjoyed it a lot. i'm glad to see that you're moving into a great job. >> i do feel that you always brought a fresh voice to the show. you stood by your opinions even when things were very heated. that's not an easy thing to do. and you've been such a big part of the show's success. come back to us. he and i are good friends. tell us that you have to visit us whenever you feel like it. >> i will. >> we won't talk about this, maybe next week, because as usual it's been cut short. so let's go to one more thing. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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time for one more thing. >> so if you thought you saw the youngest mayor -- i'm trying to think of a youngstown mayor. i can't. maybe austin, texas, isn't there a young mayor down there? >> i should know that. >> anyway, the youngest mayor is in minnesota and he's only 4 years old. he's not even in school yet. and of course he's not the real mayor. it's only a ceremonial job. but i guess one of his things that he gets to do is put ice cream on top of a food pyramid and rainbow sherbet and cotton candy. so sounds like a perfect job. >> sounds like bob's apartment every night. dinner.
so i've been gone for a few days and i know that you missed me terribly. >> i had no idea. >> do you remember when skras per was trying to sway when he was terrible and -- i think we have video. see how nervous he was? let me tell you, in an hour and a half in south carolina, check out this dog being able to jump all the way like that. now he can go on that espn contest which i'll shoot for for next year. >> how many shows has jasper been on? >> justify that ienough that he ratings. >> gregory, you're up. >> why are we even doing this? anyway, this is the new issue of life in dog. look at the cover here. no, there we go. show the cover for gosh sakes. by the way, i told you that ever since the supreme court ruling on gay marriage, this was next. dana has married a dog.
look at the picture. it's like a wedding portrait. here is my new husband. >> he's so handsome. >> the world is going to hell in a hand basket. anyway, in is the july/august 2013 issue. pick it up. great interview of dana. >> okay. very quickly, fox sports is kicking off a new channel in august. they got together with major league baseball, they put something outside on the plaza here, check it out. >> take that bill o'reilly. >> number one has a couple of
significanc significances. >> that's how president obama shoots baskets. he never misses one. was that edited or did you not miss one? >> no, that was a little bit edited. >> i like how during the break dana said that's quite a finger. >> i have something serious to say if you don't mind. yesterday i said something on television that i think i overstated my case. i said that i didn't think you should build anymore mosques in this country. it was an overstatement because in this country with re allowed to practice our religions. however, the one thing i will stand by very strongly is there has not been a single major muslim leader from a cleric to an imam to the president of a country who has come out and said anything about children being pulled out of their christian churches and being slaughtered, nor have you said anything about anything that's happened in the united states. it's time for you all to stand up because you don't have the guts to do it. >> we have to leave it there. thanks for watching. don't forget tomorrow it's our two year anniversary.
we'll see you then. special report dock up next. high stakes political algebra over obamacare. the calculations and the risks. for both sides. this is special report. good evening. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle will acknowledge it's been a bad week for obamacare. and it's only wednesday. republicans are eager to characterize the troubles as death by 1,000 cuts. democrats say there are delays and changes that can be dealt with. but the mouptsing delays and digressions from the letter of the law of the president's signature health care plan are giving g